According to the former Minister for Health Dr. James O Reilly Universal Health Insurance means that ‘everyone will be a winner’. However the real winners will be the pharmaceutical industry, the medical profession and the insurance industry.

They would like us to belive the myth, that universal health insurance equates to ‘free health care for everyone’. Imagine free health care for everyone! This is not the case. Instead we are all being forced to take out compulsory health care insurance. So now along with paying tax, we are now going to pay twice for health care!

The IMO president Prof. Trevor Duffy said the Government is misleading the public by describing its proposed insurance model as a type of health care with free care for all.

Dutch citizens are paying up to a quater of their income on healthcare. A family iwht a combined income of under €50,000 a year are paying almost €11,500 in health care costs in 2012 or 23.5 per cent of income according to the Dutch Health Performance Report.

In Ireland the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform have estimated that a family of two adult and two children will have to pay €1,600 per year. However the new Minister for Health Leo Varadkar said that a family of two adult and two children would have to pay €3,600 for UHI. This is an increase from the exiting average of €900 paid by the same family type.

Healthcare spending in the Netherlands has doubled in the last 11 years from €47 billion in 2000 to €90 billion in 2011 according to the report.

It seems to me that the only purpose of univeral health insurance is to increase healthcare expenditure, with the main beneficiaries being the pharmaceutical industry and the medical profession. I dont believe that universal health insurance will lead to more cures or a healthier nation. It will lead to more tests, more drugs, more side effects, more hospital visits and more fear.

The second myth being promoted by Government is that, after paying our tax and health insurance, we will get a better health care. Really! Medical negligence from misdiagnosis, hospital infections, side effects from pharmaceuticals are common in the current model of health care dominated by biomedicine and pharmaceutical medicine.

International studies have shown that medical accidents are the leading cause of death in modern western society. Figures show that between four and 11 per cent of all hospital admissions will suffer from some form of negligence. With four million hospital admissions each year in Ireland, that works out at potentially 160,000 patients injured or killed at least every year (source).

As an herbalist I haven’t been to see a GP since 2002 and that was to get my cholesterol checked. I haven’t taken antibiotics since 1995. My health is my responsibility and not the Governments. I know that if I deal with stress, eat healthy and exercise, I will continue to reduce my risk of developing health problems. As someone who has a history of heart disease on my father’s side of the family, I take Hawthorn berry tincture that I make from berries I pick myself. I take herbs like Skull Cap to deal with anxiety and stress. I have reduced my intake of dairy products and gave up meat for three years. I am currently off sugar again! Well except for a little bit of dark chocolate with a cut of tea!

If you continue to follow this blog, you will learn more about how to stay healthy, happy and avoid the hidden power of powerful vested interests that want to control you without your consent.