Health is political.  The medical system biomedicine dominates health care.  In my own area of work, in addiction, the doctors are the gate keepers of the cure.  The cure always comes in the form of a tablet.  Herbs are not allowed, because there is no evidence for herbal medicine in the area of addiction.  Well this is the kind of mantra that is repeated by those beneifiting from biomedicine and there are many.  Biomedicine from hospitals, to pharmaceuticals to research has many followers.  If you dont subscribe to this model your cast out like a heratic.

Health is political.  Just ask Roisin Shortall TD for Dublin North West, who resigned because the Minister for Health, millionaire doctor wants the rich to have more access to health provision than the poor.

Remember bench marking?  They said that benchmarking would attract better politicians.  This was based on the assumption if you pay politicians peanuts you will get monkeys.  Look at what we have at the moment.  Monkeys protecting their own nuts!

I admire Roisin Shortall for having the courage of her convictions.  We need to find new ways of bringing about health care reform, because left in the hands of politicians, it will never happen.  Well Eamon Gilmore could ask for the resignation of Minister O Reilly and promote Roisin to position of Minister for health.

We should learn how to reward politicans who are honest.  Obviously Fine Gael have not learned from the failures of Bertie!.