The Irish health care system failure. Medical hegemony dominates Irish Health care! ‘First do no harm’, said Hippocrates the father of modern medicine. However modern medicine in Ireland is causing harm. The over use of medicine is common today. Hospitals are run as businesses. However they need patients to make these businesses profitable. This leads to the over use of tests, procedures and medications. Many of these medications cause harm, and symptoms have to be off set by more medications. How does medicine get away with this? Hegemony! Yes, hegemony! Hegemony is the use of power over people without coercion using media and other state institutions to reinforce values, and beliefs. You know when a hegemony exists, when people assume things e.g. assuming that modern medicine is more effective than herbal medicine. Biomedicine has a dominant hegemony over healing systems. For example mainstream media, will always tell stories about great discoveries in medicine and publish stories¬†about herbal medicine that cast doubt over its effectiveness. Of course the medical hegemony is supported by the power of the pharmaceutical industry, its funded research and its power to provide employment, the sedative of governments. Governments don’t mind what kind of jobs are created, once they are created. In Ireland the pharmaceutical industry is a big job creator, thus reinforcing its dominance and position of power.

  1. How do we challenge the dominance of medical hegemony?
  2. Inform yourself, read and research about medical harm, which is often hidden from public view
  3. Inform yourself about the politics of medicine and medical research – the link between funding and outcomes had been demonstrated
  4. Inform yourself about other healing systems e.g., herbal medicine, Ayurveda and chinese medicine to mention a few
  5. Ask yourself if hegemony exists in your country, community and life – e.g. financial hegemony = we need them capitalist system to create jobs (low paid, insecure etc)
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