Depression symptoms are common today. More people are experiencing higher levels of depression than before due to coping with the loss of a job, a house, a status or a relationship. I understand depression as part of the cycle of loss. Having a job, friends, status all bring their own rewards. Winning brings with it a sense of achievement and power. However the downward cycle of losing what we have brings feelings of sadness, loss, failure and fragmentation.

What is depression? What are the signs of depression? Depression is part of the cycle of loss. It’s that stage when we experience the loss. Depression can bring a feeling of prolonged sadness. Not just one day, but lasting several days or weeks at a time. Feeling tired. Not wanting to get out of bed in the morning. That’s me some mornings, but the difference is that I get up. For others they are stuck to the bed. Its like their mind refuses to exert control over the situation. Its like the body has taken over and you don’t feel in control. Your motivation is low. You’re constantly tired. You feel sad, pessimistic, anger, resentful, cynical and hopeless. The longer it goes on the hard it can be to cope with the symptoms of depression. Psychologists and doctors refer to clinical depression. I prefer to think of it in terms of depth or deep depression. You have entered deep into the forest and you have lost your way in the dark and you fear not finding your way out.

There are many types of depression. Women can experience post natal depression after giving birth. Others experience manic depression or bipolar depression. Again these are different terms used by different professions, to describe what people are experiencing. Depression is never just depression, its usually linked to anxiety. Depression and anxiety often go together. The anxiety is fear. What’s going to happen to me? Will I get better? The deeply depressed person can experience suicidal thoughts. They can feel like they are going crazy. In the past we referred to people as having a mental breakdown. Today we are more influenced by eastern philosophies and are exposed to the practices of meditation, mindfulness, yoga and herbal medicine. We now understand mental breakdowns in terms of a mental break through.

We should welcome depression, only so that as like a guest in our psychic, it too will move on without delay. Too often it’s our resistance that often increases the anxiety associated with depression. By welcoming depression, and listening to what it has to tell us, we may learn something from our crazy guest. Depression has something to teach us about life.

Our mental health is as important as our physical health. We should take more care of it, talk to friends and learn to understand the cycle of loss and letting go. We can’t hold on to everything and everyone. We have to accept loss and change as natural process of life. So the next time you hear that voice ‘I feel depressed” or asking the question ‘Am I depressed?” or “Do I have bipolar depression?” Think and reflect on your life? If you don’t the depression will catch you and slow you down until you eventually stop and listen. Remember we all have ways of avoiding the inner emptiness. We fill it with food, drugs, sex, shopping and TV.

If you are depressed and have found this article useful, why not consider contacting me for a consultation or recommending me to someone who may need a bit of encouragement and support. There are many herbs I can prescribe to help the nervous system rest and recover.