Sugar was called “White Gold”: Until the late 1700’s, sugar was a luxury that European nobility used to validate their rank and social power.

Drinking one or more cans of sugary soft drinks a day is linked to an increased risk of diabetes in later life, a new study suggests. A can a day raises the relative risk of Type-2 diabetes by about a fifth, compared with one can a month or under, say European scientists. The report in the journal Diabetologia mirrors previous US findings. The latest research was carried out in the UK, Germany, Denmark, Italy, Spain, Sweden, France and the Netherlands. Some 350,000 individuals were questioned about their diet, as part of a large European study looking at links between diet and cancer.

We love our sweets, desserts, chocolate and ice cream. Sugar is being added to more and more foods. Its not the sugar in fizzy drinks we need worry about. Its the hidden sugars, in bread, alcohol and pasta etc. Sugar is addictive, so it guarantees a market. Sugar creates the perfect opportunity for the resale i.e., when buyers come back for more.

What would happen in society if we had no access to sugar? We would feel bitter, angry, sad or depressed! So sugar plays a key role in helping to maintain civil society. Without sugar maybe there would be more protests. Sugar acts as an anti-depressant. Its like were not allowed to feel such feelings, so we sweeten ourselves.