We are constantly being lied to by Government that they will reform the health care system. Do you believe them? I don’t! I mean what does reform mean? More people having access to more medications with side effects which require further drugs! The side effects of these drugs is the third cause of death, behind heart disease and cancer in the US, killing 106,000 people per year according to Dr. Barbara Starfield, writing in the Journal of the American Medical Association in 2000.

Maybe you wont have to wait as long for a bed in hospital? Wow they call that reform? Why should you have to wait for a bed in their first place? Why are all the beds full? Is it that many treatments are not effective? The illusion of treatment 1. that you get a hospital bed and no. 2 that they give you drugs or no. 3 cut some thing out. Starfield (2000) found that 2000 deaths per year result from unnecessary surgery!

When the HSE was established we were promised a modern health care system. After years of dumping billions of euros down the drain the minster for health James Rielly is replacing the HSE logo a new one  and centralising health care within the department of health.

The cost of the current health care system is unsustainable on cost per outcome terms. Its not working. Its dependent on sick people – to medicate them – to maintain their sickness – and to generate fear of illness. There is no real serious focus on the root causes of disease i.e., nutrition and lifestyle factors like stress.

T. Colin Campbell (2013) author of Whole ‘Rethinking the Science of Nutrition’ suggests that ‘its a misnomer to talk about the health care system, what we really have is a disease care system’.

So when it comes to reform – there is reform taking place but its not coming from our Government, its coming from the grass roots movements at farmers markets through out the country and the growing interest in herbal and plant based medicine one of the oldest and most effective forms of medicine known to humanity. So get involved in this health care revolution and the next time your not feeling well ask yourself ‘do I want another quick fix? or do I want to get to the root of my problem and take a more holistic approach?