I really enjoy making things and as a herblist creams are so easy to make and everyone loves them. Especially my ‘girl friends’, who value more that most a good quality face cream. Its hard to believe that the global skin care industry is worth around $200 billion each year. Thats alot of money in making us look good!

Since the beginning of time, we humans have invested time and effort in taking care of themselves and making sure that we look our best. As consumers this makes us easy prey for makereters whose imaginative lexicon draws on words like ‘Perfecting’ ‘Enhancing or boosting’, ‘Calming’, ‘Brightening’, ‘Invigorating’ and ‘Nourishing’ to sell us the latest creams that promises to make us look younger and even feel younger!

So why not be part of the resistance movement and learn how to make your own face creams and other skin healing creams with herbs like comfrey. Here’s how!


What you need to know about comfrey skin benefits

  1. Comfrey also know as knitbone speaks volumes as to the power of this herb in healing bones and tissue.
  2. Comfrey is a cell proliferate, which means it makes cells multiply rapidly and so speeds up the healing process.
  3. Comfrey helps to grow new flesh and bone.
  4. Comfrey contains allantoin, which is found in many cosmetic creams for sensitve skin.
  5. Comfrey aids wound repair and accelerates skin healing.
  6. Comfrey has an anti-inflammatory activity so speeds up the healing process.
  7. Comfrey can be used to treat wounds, bruises, sparins, swellings, and boils.
  8. Comfrey cleans and moisturisers the skin
  9. Comfrey removes skin blemishes and dark spots
  10. Comfrey heals burns and scars and damaged skin
  11. Comfrey helps with skins issues like psoriasis and eczema
  12. Comfrey helps to tone, soften and rejuvenate the skin.

The advantages of natural creams

  1. Ingredients used are fresh and all natural so its safe to use on all skin types
  2. It doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals that can harm your skin
  3. Using natural ingredients in creams is better for your skin
  4. Its is less expensive while being fun to make at home!
  5. The beeswax in this cream helps to keep our skin protected from sun and wind
  6. The olive oil which forms the base for the comfrey oil is also good for your skin.

Ingredients for this comfrey cream

  1. 240 ml of comfrey cream
  2. 28 grms of beeswax
  3. 20 grms of emulsifying wax
  4. Neem leaves to make one cup of neem infused water

Instructions to make the comfrey cream

  1. Boil some water and pour over your neem leaves to make a cup of neem infused water
  2. In a double boiler melt your bees wax
  3. Add the comfrey oil to the bees wax when the wax is melted and blend by stiring gently
  4. In a separate boil add the emulsifying wax and and 6 table spoons of neem infused water and blend
  5. Then add the emulsifying mixture to the oil and beeswax and blend into a nice creamy texture
  6. Pour into containers before the cream thickens



Source: The School of Natural Healing by Dr John R Christopher