how to become an herbalist in Ireland. Are you a qualified herbalist is a question I get asked many times, mostly online. I suppose with the amount of information being posted on line every day about the health benefits of this or that, its hard to figure out who is qualified and who is not. I am not one to suggest that having a qualification is the only thing that matters. I believe you have to be authentic and not to be motivated by money. We all need to earn an income, but when you are practicing as an herbalist, you are not just in business, you are part of the earths consciousness, to awaken people to the healing power of foods and herbs. To awaken people to their life purpose.

I qualified as a master herbalist at the Irish School of Herbalist, in Portlaoise, Ireland. It took me four years to compete the course and during that time I also completed 450 hours of clinical practice. It was the clinical practice that gave me the confidence to practice.

I work part time as an herbalist and I enjoy ever minute of that time I spend with people or making up remedies or making videos for my youtube channel.  There is not a lot of money to be made by being an herbalist, but as I said above, I am not doing this to make money. I am doing this to make a difference. I became a herbalist because of the harm I saw medicine doing to people in my own family with heart disease and to people I worked with who were addicted to heroin and alcohol.

So, yes I am qualified as an herbalist! If you have never tried herbal medicine, I think you should give try it the next time your not feeling well. How do I contact you? Just give me a call on my mobile at 0860261240