We all love to have the latest information on health and to be cool you must be following the latest trends.  As a 4th year student in Herbal medicine, I was in Maynooth one day at one of our seminars and I was lucky to be sitting next to a wise herbalist from up north.  We ended up talking about natural healing.  He recommended hot and cold showers.  She asked me ‘Tom do you do it?’ to her surprise I said ‘No’.  ‘Why not’ she replied.  I began to think ‘why not’.  Once you start it becomes addictive and the next think your blogging about it!

I have started to recommend hot and cold showers to everyone as the basic first step in improving you health.  I then throw in dry skin brushing and cayenne pepper.  I am doing all three on a regular basis and though my diet could improve, I feel these three things, are my 3 super friendly way to detoxify and rejuvenate the system and feel great.  That great feeling, supports and motivates me to do more.  Ok back to the hot and cold treatment!

Cold water stimulates and hot water relaxes.  Together the effect is to create a pump effect that makes blood flow!  Circulation creates cures!  According to Schulze, herbs cannot cure, if the blood cannot circulate.

Hot and cold water therapy can bring about better circulation, because the hot water stimulates blood flow to the surface of the body, while the cold water stimulates blood flow to the core of the body, thus brining fresh blood to the organs and glands and all parts of the body.

Hydrotherapy heals through the fundamental nature cure concept of balancing and moving the blood and lymph. It might be hard to see why such a basic concept could be so rewarding but the blood is responsible for approximately 1/13 to 1/12 of the total body weight and the lymph fluid is an amazingly approximately 1/4 to 1/3 of the total body weight. Purifying and moving the blood and lymph is essential to restoring or maintaining proper health and harmonious vibration of the body. As the blood flows in, it brings with it nutrients to nourish our vital tissues. Then, as it leaves it carries out toxic and inflammatory by-products to cleanse and detoxify.

Hot and cold-water therapy is so powerful, that cancer tumors can shrink by ½ in only 4 hours according to Schulze.  Dr. Schulze says, “If you ask me what was the most powerful Healing Method, that helped my patients recover from their cancers, it was hot and cold Water Therapy. You can’t get blood to move in and out of different areas of the Body with any Therapy, that even comes close to the power of Hydrotherapy!  The next closest thing for circulation would be to take Cayenne Pepper.

Schulze recommends 5 minutes hot and 2 minutes cold over affected areas.  Work towards doing 7 repetitions of hot and cold water and do this 2 to 3 times per day.

The benefits of this treatment include relief for depression, improved circulation and strengthened immunity.

The information in this article was taken from Total Health Newsletter, November 2008, Vol. 1, No.9, Dr. Richard Schulze’s “Incurables Program: Hot & Cold Water Therapy”