I can’t believe it. One of the highest paid professions, hospital consultants are getting a pay rise. Increases would see entry-level salaries rise from €116,000 to maximum €175,000. This is unbelievable. I am in shock. They have a job. They should be happy. There are jobs for newly qualified consultants. But that’s not enough. Hospital consultants are royalty and the rules that apply to us don’t obviously apply to them.

The logic put forward is based on the concept of the ‘brain drain’. This is where, people with cetrain types of brain, in this case hospital consultant brains, which are the rarest type of brain, follow the money and so leave the country. The politicians, who have the smallest brains, and will do anything for power, give the people with the bigger brains what ever they want, money, status, privilege, access, protection and fat cat pensions, when they retire, so that they can maintain their privileged lifestyle.

This is not my logic. My logic is based on the ideas that we are equal as citizens and therefore entitled to the same access to power and resources (money, wages increases, pensions). If anyone takes our rights away they become our oppressor.

The problem is that many of us don’t realize that we are oppressed or who our oppressor is. This is because of a concept known as ‘hegemony’. An example of hegemony = ‘we need pay hospital consultants more money, to keep them in the country, so that sick people get the best treatments from the best doctors’. Hegemony exists when we work from unquestioned assumptions. Hegemony is hidden influence, that we consent to, without realising the full implications of our consent.

Another example of hegemony is based on the assumption, that if you pay hospital consultants higher salaries, you will get better outcomes for patients. Well we know that this is not the case.

Hey, let them leave and train more doctors, and make it easier for people to study medicine and pay doctors €60,000. This will mean we can have more doctors, no waiting lists, better treatments, because we will also have to reduce the influence of the pharmaceutical industry over the medical profession and how medicine is taught.

Lets be honest and hospital consultants know this. Many of the pharmaceutical treatments don’t work as effectively as they claim in their advertising and marketing information packs. What we do know improves health outcomes, is better nutrition and exercise, greater emotional awareness and psychological health. As a herbalist, there are many conditions that I can treat with herbs, to improve a persons health and lower their dependence on pharmaceuticals.

Herbs on their own don’t work either. Herbal medicine also involves social prescribing e.g, going for a walk, meeting friends, going a group. We also prescribe nutrition, and encourage people to eat more greens, and less cooked foods. The key to good health is cleanse and nourish. To cleanse we need our detox organs working effectively and to nourish we need nutrients that are mountain climbers and will get to those hidden far away cells that need nourishment and cleansing.