As a herbalist, I am keen to practice the principles of healing in my own life.  I am treating a client at the moment who has Rosacea.  What I have learned so far is that Rosacea is linked to digestion and to stress, as well as dietary issues, sun, heat and other triggers, listed in my earlier post on Rosacea.  My training in herbal medicine has me firmly convinced of the holistic approach.  The implications of this is that you can’t treat Rosacea in isolation, you must treat the whole person and the body will find balance again resulting in a decline in symptoms.  This involves treating the emotional issues which lie at the root of the presenting condition.  Many people resist going to the root of the condition and prefer instead for a quick fix.  Medicine in terms of bio-medicine is full of quick fixes, in terms of anti-biotics but these anti-biotics are effecting the global resistance to disease.  Herbal medicine is not just about the herbs we recommend.  It takes into account emotional and psychological issues, as well as diet and lifestyle.  We are also in competition with Google, which I also use to learn more about condition and their treatment.  As a herbalist I would like to build a research data base based on cases I treat, and to be able to offer real effective solutions to the challenges of issues like Rosacea etc.

I would love to know what do you think?  Do you believe emotions are at the root of diseases and conditions that affect us?