Herbal medicine works. It works by treating the root causes of peoples symptoms. Biomedicine or modern medicine on the other hand works by suppressing symptoms with medication. Herbal medicine works by working with the body to restore balance, and homeostasis. The body when in balanced is a natural healing systems. That balance must include balance at the physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual dimensions.

Herbs are sources of natural chemicals that help the body to cleanse and detox as well as nurture and heal. There are herbs for every body system and different categories of herbs for each area e.g., nervous system herb, heart herbs and digestive herbs to mention a few. But herbs work better when the person also makes changes to their diet, lifestyle (stress) and movement routine (exercise).

We live in a culture where medicine has sold us the lie that you can get a pill for every ill. It is a lie that these medicines work in this way. Medicines usually have side effects and these can be harmful to our health. Doctors don’t alway inform patients about the potential harm of these medicines.

When you go to the doctor the visit will last 10 to 15 minutes and you will be prescribed something, which the doctor will have made his mind up on within a few minutes of meeting you. You will pay for the visit and the medication. Your symptoms may improve but the root cause of your illness will have been ignored, lying in wait for another visit to the doctor under a new symptom. Your body will repeat this pattern of trying to tell you to listen until its too late.

When you visit a herbalist its different. Today I had a woman in my office for two hours. I listened to her symptoms, history and stories about health and recovery. I helped her identify the solutions and in the end prescribed her one herb. She left my office with a new meal plan, diet advice, health advice, herbs, encouragement, ideas and inspiration. Thats herbal medicine. We care about our patients, in a way that the medical professional can’t.

The next time your not feeling well consider attending an herbalist, or if you in Ireland call me at 086 0261240.