Herbal medicine natural, holistic, effective & safe, Many people don’t understand the benefits of herbal medicine. Herbal medicine can be described as natural, effective, holistic, safe, environment and cost effective. Herbal medicine is sometimes called green medicine or plant medicine. Herbal medicine is also evidence based medicine with more and more scientific studies demonstrating the effectiveness of herbs for various treatments. Evidenced also by the use of plants as medicine over thousands of years.


Herbal medicine has evolved over millions of years. Plants are our main foodstuff and our biochemistry has a natural affinity and compatibility with medicinal herbs. Herbs have proven themselves to be effective in treating every conceivable type of human health problem in millions of patients through out the world. Today herbal medicine continues to be the dominant form of medicine in the world according to the WHO, who estimate that 80% of the worlds population depend on herbal medicine.

Herbal medicine is holistic medicine as it acknowledges that no part of the person can be sick without the involvement of the whole. Symptoms are not treated in isolation, but rather  seen as a connected to deeper signs of imbalance within the person. Biomedicine on the other hand is reductionist, which means it reduces disease to singular causes and solution.

Herbal medicine is safe, unlike biomedicine, that is now a major cause of death and illness due to the iatrogenic effect of medicine. Fatalities from medicinal herbs is very rare, as opposed to at least 100,000 deaths annually from medical drugs. Media often over report harms from herbal medicines and under report harms from medicines.


Herbal medicine is non suppressive, meaning that it seeks to get to the root cause of the illness, unlike biomedicine that suppresses symptoms with drugs. When symptoms are suppressed they are sure to reemerge in a different organ and different condition in the future.

Herbal medicine is cost effective but not always cheap, but cheaper than medical drugs. The savings come from their ability to prevent chronic disease, with medical expenses, lost of work and emotional strain. Herbal medicine strengthens our vitality and raises our vibration.

Photo by Tom O Brien

So the next time your ill or concerned about your health, why not think about herbal medicine as a way of investing in your health and preventing future illness.