I am a Master Herbalist in a busy clinic in Rialto, Dublin 8.  I trained in the school of Herbal Medicine in Portlaoise with Helen Begadon the school director. Helen is a fantastic herbalist and intuitive healer. I trained in the Master Herbalist tradition, which is equivalent to the apprenticeship model. We follow the tradition of Dr. John Christopher the renowned American Master Herbalist. The great thing about our training is that we work with real people and mix real herbs during our training, so by the time we complete our training we have the confidence to practice. I remember hearing that it takes 7 life times to become a good herbalist! Which means were always learning. I will be sharing my experience with you on the blog. I believe herbal medicine should never be elitist or exclusive. Herbal medicine is a gift from nature.

The name herbal medicine can be misleading, as we don’t just focus on herbs in the healing process.  Healing requires changes in our diet. Most diseases arise as a result of a build up of toxins in the body, due to poor diet, poor elimination and lack of exercise. There is little point in taking herbs, if your not willing to reduce your consumption of sugars etc.

I would love to know more about what you think of herbal medicine and healing in general?