Herbal Medicine 5 steps to healing.

Herbal medicine works and these five steps to healing with herbal medicine will help you understand better how herbal medicine works. As more and more people become dissatisfied with pharmaceutical medicine they are turning to herbal medicine. Herbal medicine is becoming more and more popular as consumers want natural, organic, local and sustainable health.

Symptom relief

Herbal medicines offer symptom relief as well as working on the deeper imbalances within that cause illness and diseases. Of course herbs are not magic bullets and you need to be patient with the process of healing. In order to recover sometimes you will have whats called a ‘healing crisis’ as the body dumps toxins and restores balance. Herbs are great for the symptoms of anxiety. I regularly use valerian root and skull cap, two great herbs for anxiety.


Revitalisation of the organs is a vital part of healing. This is a key principle in herbal medicine. We aim to revitalise the body, so that it heals itself. When we are weakened by illness, we are robbed of vitality and the internal resources to heal. Herbs bring nutrients, antioxidants, animo acids, and other vital minerals to support the body to over come illness.


The health and fitness world is gone detox crazy. However sometimes the process of detoxification is misunderstood. Detoxification is the cornerstone of every great healing systems. Free radicals and damaging toxins play a major role in the creation of illness. Cleaning debris from cells, tissues and organs relieves the body of a toxic load.


Herbs can be used to regenerate damaged, weakened and devitalised tissues. The extent of this repair depends on the nature, duration and location of the illness. Many herbs are cell proliferates, promoting the creation of new cells in tissues the can regenerate, such as the skin, liver and white blood cells.

Lifestyle Change

Lifestyle change means the making changes to the lifestyle that contributed to the illness. Often this will involve rebooking at your diet, reducing your stress, which contributes to the development of disease and increasing your exercise.



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