Many people suffer from anxiety and can’t sleep as a result. Passion flower is a herb that can be used to treat anxiety and insomnia, with good results.

Passion flower was first discovered by the Spanish, in South America. The peruvians used the flower as a sedative. The Spanish brought it back to Spain, where Nicolas Monardes 1493 – 1588 identified its value as a medicinal herb. He live in Sevilla and never went to America. Mondardes was a doctor, who studied medicinal plants from all over the world. He established a botanical garden in Sevilla, where he studied many medicinal plants including passion flower.

Passion flower soothes the mind and provides relief from anxiety and pain. It works by boosting the brains levels of a chemical called Gaba, which lower brian activity.

One study found that passion flower was as effective as an anti-anxiety drug. Passion flower combines well with hops, lemon balm and valerian. It improves circulation to the nerves and calms anxiety and agitation.

It has also found to be effective in the treatment of withdrawal from alcohol and benzodizapines.

This video is for information purposes only and if your interested in passion flower talk to a qualifed herbalist.

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