Herbal medicine Dublin. I am a Master Herbalist practicing Herbal Medicine in Dublin since 2012. I qualified as an herbalist from the Irish School of Herbal Medicine. I am a member of the Irish Association of Medical and Master Herbalists of Ireland. I became an herbalist because of my disappointment with the current form of health care in Ireland. My father and two uncles died from cardiovascular disease. My friend Fr Joe Lucey also died from cardiovascular disease. I wondered would I be next! So tired of going to funerals I decided to study herbal medicine myself.

At this time I was also managing an addiction centre called Sankalpa. I wanted to find a better and more effective way to treat addiction. I saw the failure of biomedicine in the treatment of addiction and I believed that there was another way.

I specialise in the treatment of mental health and addiction issues. My herbal medicine clinic is in Rialto, Dublin. If you want to find a herbalist well then your in the right place. Take the next step and give me a call at 0860261240 and we can arrange a consultation. The consultation costs €65 and lasts for at least an hour. The herbs will cost between €20 and €40 depending on your needs.

I have a range of herbal remedies, homemade herbal cures, herbal medicines and herbal supplements. I treat a range of conditions from depression, anxiety, insomnia, panic attacks, cardiovascular disease, adrenal fatigue to name some of the conditions that I can treat. I will work with you not just in treating your symptoms, but also in getting to the root cause of why your health has become out of balance.

Hope to see you soon and in the meant time why not check out my youtube channel by clicking here.

Photo attribution: Tom O’ Brien