Dr. Tom O Brien MA PhD MH, ‘Empowering medicine’, practices as a Master Herbal in Rialto, in Dublin 8, near the Fatima Luas Stop.

The tradition of Master Herbalism is based on the lifes work of the world renowned herbalist Dr. John Ray Christopher. Dr. Christopher is perhaps the most respected herbalist of modern times. His extra ordinary results with herbal medicine are due in part to his emphasis on dietry detoxification based on a vegan and mostly living food diet.

In his practice Dr. Christopher also placed great importance on the spiritual nature of people and the centrality of emotions and their effect on healing. Dr. Christopher’s work embodies the spirit of Physiomedicalists who preceded him.

The Irish Association of Master Medical Herbalists seeks to preserve and share these principles of healing in their practice as medical herbalists.

Dr. Tom O Brien holds a MA and a PhD in Adult and Community Education specializing in addiction, mental health and community development. He manages an addiction recovery project called Sankalpa. He was motivated to study herbal medicine because he was dissatisfied with the over medicalization of addiction treatment in Ireland. Herbal medicine has so much to offer not only in the area of addiction and mental health, but for treating and preventing just about any disease.

Empowering medicine is his motto as Tom is passionate about us becoming active participants in our own lives. Our health systems are not only crippling our economic stability, but they are being gradually taken over by vested interests in the food, pharmaceutical and bond holders.