We hear a lot about the side effects and symptoms associated with bio-medicine/ pharmaceutical medicine. When someone is sick of course they are going to turn to their GP, Hospital and associated drugs. The popular believe about herbal medicine is that its ok for the softer issues, like colds and flu’s etc, but when heart disease, cancer or other life threatening problems come along, we turn to the big guns for healing. I often wonder if I was diagnosed with cancer, would I go for the chemotherapy or would I go for a full on herbal detox, cleanse and nourish approach? I would hope I have the courage of my convictions! Well to be honest, as herbalists we don’t wait until were sick, or beyond healing to ring the siren, and flash the lights. Healing begins today.

Modern medicines thrives on people not taking responsibility for their health. So when you think of herbal medicine, don’t wait to get sick before you give me a call, think of your health as your life force. Are you sluggish? Would you like more energy? Would you like to sleep better? Then maybe a visit to the herbalist could help. Well if you want to see, me you will have to wait a few more months. In the mean time follow me here or link with me on Facebook. You can also start improving your energy today, by ensuring your drinking enough water, getting plenty of fresh air and exercise. Remember stress is a big factor in the development of disease, so if your stressed, do something about it today – go for a massage, learn to mediate and have some fun! Catch up soon. I would love to know what are your thoughts on going to your GP – the hospital or alternative medicine?