For many centuries, hawthorn tea has been used to help treat heart disease. They say that the Hawthorn tree can grow for hundreds of years. There are many stories about the mystical power of the hawthorn tree. In Ireland it was believed to be a fairy tree gate way into the other world. In ancient Greece and Rome the hawthorn was taken into homes for good luck and protection from evil spirits. In the Christian era it became a symbol of hope

Heart disease kills 

Heart failure imposes a huge economic burden, estimated at $108 billion per annum. With an aging, rapidly expanding and industrializing global population this value will continue to rise.

In the US about 600,000 people from heart disease each year. In Ireland the figure is 10,000. My father was one of those deaths in 1997, he died suddenly at that age of 62 from a heart attack. The emotional cost – has a knock on effect on people’s mental health.

The flowers have a smell that is said to be like that of a woman who is sexually aroused and this gave it the reputation as a aphrodisiac in Arabic erotic literature! Hawthorn is ‘food for the heart’

Dioscorides the famous Greek doctor in the 1st century AD believed that hawthorn was good for heart disease. Hawthorn has been scientifically validated by many studies

The flowers and leaves contain high levels of pro-cyan-idins, flavonoid compounds which have a strong anti oxidant activity that supports healthy circulation, it is rich in Vitamin C, both the berries and flowering tops improves blood flow through the coronary arteries to the heart. Hawthorn works directly on the heart to slow its rate, improve oxygen up take, and increase its pumping efficiency

It is especially good for people with palpitations, heart irregularity, mild angina and early heart weakness. Finally, hawthorn tea is also full of many beneficial antioxidants which can help rid the system of free radicals which can prevent the development of heart disease.

If your on medications talk to your doctor first and then consult a herbalist

Caution = if pregnant or breast feeding do not use hawthorn