Glyphosate toxicity and link to cancer and other diseases is something to worry about, as is glyphosate in food, yes in our food! Glyphosate is a very popular chemical used in agriculture and it’s getting into our food chain. Check out my video on Glyphosate here.

Glyphosate is a dangerous chemical found in an agricultural herbicide called Roundup, made by Monsanto. Its one of the most popular chemicals used in agriculture today. The world health organisation has labelled it probably carcinogenic. Its also very harmful to animals and plant life.

Due to a campaign in Europe the European Commission was recently forced to limit an extension on the licence to use glyphosate to 18 months instead of the expected 15 years. This was a victory for citizens of Europe and for citizen power. Despite strong lobbying from the chemicals industry, who paid to have studies completed and expert opinion suggest that glyphosate is not dangerous to humans.

According to Dr Stephanie Seneff a research scientist from MIT in the US, Glyphosate is possibly ‘the most important factor in the development of multiple chronic diseases and condition, including;

Parkinson Disease,
Multiple sclerosis
Alzheimers Disease,
Cardiovascular disease

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