The Irish Government in their budget 2013 have promised free GP care to all citizens under the age of 5. I laughed when I read one tweet ‘an anxious time for 6 year olds’ :). Wow thats a cleaver move – if we can only medicalize children by the age of 5, according to uncle Freud – their little personalities will be shaped for life and of course the pattern of being dependent on your GP to be healthy!

Ok, I am jealous. If they had offered free Herbalist treatments for under 5’s I would have to retire from the day job and start preparing kiddy tinctures with added sugar and colour to make sure they would come back for me magic potions. I mean come on – surely we still believe in ecology? That the immune system of the family will have an impact on the children. The last 8 budgets have put the parents under so much pressure that their stress is through the roof and this naturally has a knock on effect on their children.

I am not referring here to Children with rare diseases that require special care and treatments, which only affect a minority of the population. I mean if i was politician I would be asking how can we reduce the cost of health. Oh but of course that would mean taking on those with a vested interest in keeping the system in favour of the medical profession.

I was listening to Kathleen Lynch today on the radio talking about how some professionals (not too hard to guess which ones) in the mental health debate are digging in their heals and resisting the move away from a medicalised form of treatment to one with more psycho social interventions. Well done Kathleen, keep up that fight, as psychiatry will not yield ground and unless i become the minister for health in the next Government, and introduce some radical changes, nothing will change.