Our health is our wealth. But our mental health is the foundation stone of our lives. When our mental health is shaken for what ever reason, it affects our whole life. So its a vital part of health maintenance. So many people expereince depression and anxiety. Medications are a very popular treatment, but often dont deal with the underlying cause of the problem, that led to the depression. Medications also have many side effects. Much of the evidence shows that the placebo plays a large role in the effect of anti-depressants and herbs. The idea of taking something already makes us feel better and can have an effect.

In this video, I will introduce you to some basic steps you can take from hydration, increasing your intake of water, and herbal infusions, the use of oils, and aromatherapy oils like lavender, the power of air, oxygen and exercies, mediation and mindfulness, earth and fire. All of these basic elements of life, water, oil, earth, air, fire help to increase our social connections, our connction with ourselves and thus have a huge impact on lifting our mental health and protecting it from attack.

Tell me what you think and what steps do you recommend for improving your mental health? Coco helped me out in this video and will earn a share of the profits if there is ever a penny to be made on line. Thats a promise! He is my mental health guru!


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