Do herbal medicine remedies improve our health¬†?¬†This is a question I get asked a lot on my YouTube channel. As more people become dissatisfied with biomedicine (modern medicine), they are turning to herbal medicine. Herbal medicine has been practiced for thousands of years. It’s the longest evidence based trial in history. Herbs like Turmeric, garlic, clove, and cayenne pepper have been used for centuries to treat illness.

At a certain point in history, with the rise of the industrial revolution and the emergence of capitalism, biomedicine gained an advantage over other healing systems. Biomedicine or scientific medicine became more organised and regulated. Traditional healing systems were stigmatised and pushed to the margins of society. Biomedicine had the backing of industrialists, like the Rockefeller institute. Biomedicine suited the needs of this new industrialised and scientific world. Illness needed to be fixed quickly so that workers could return to work quickly.

Herbal medicine is holistic, meaning that it treats the whole person and not just the symptoms. Herbal medicine works by addressing the root causes of illness. It uses herbs to restore balance so that the body can heal itself. Herbal medicine also works with the person as a partner, and not simply as a passive patient. As an herbalist I can only have success if the person I am working with takes control of the recovery process. Much of the healing that happens in herbal medicine, happens when people adjust their diets and reduces their stress. Stress is a big factor in the cause of disease and illness. Maybe its time to look at our capitalist systems of work, that is making people sick.

Herbal medicine is at a disadvantage in that herbs can’t be controlled by the pharmaceutical industry and so there is no profit in running clinal trails to show how effective herbal medicine can be. That said, there is a growing body of scientific evidence to show how effective herbal medicine is in the treatment of many conditions.