The tradition of Master Herbalism is based on the lifes work of the world renowned herbalist Dr. John Ray Christopher. It is my passion to carry on this tradition. I hope you enjoy reading these articles as much as I enjoyed writing them.

Herbal Medicine 5 steps to healing

Herbal Medicine 5 steps to healing. Herbal medicine works and these five steps to healing with herbal medicine will help...

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Herbal medicine 7 strategies

I want to share with you 7 ways herbal medicine works to strengthen our health. Herbal medicine is growing in...

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Herbal medicine natural holistic effective & safe

Herbal medicine natural, holistic, effective & safe, Many people don’t understand the benefits of herbal medicine. Herbal medicine can be...

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20 Natural remedies for period pain

These 20 natural remedies are a safe way to reduce the pain associated with period cramps. Natural remedies for period pain start...

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Natural remedies herbal medicines for pre-menstrual syndrome

Natural remedies and herbal medicines provide fast and effective relief from the symptom of pre-menstrual syndrome. Pre-menstrual syndrome refers to physical...

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13 clinical studies indicate the use of CBD oil for depression

13 clinical studies indicate the use of CBD oil for depression. The Chinese were the first to appreciate the medicinal...

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Benefits of herbal medicine

The benefits of herbal medicine are well recognised. Many people don’t understand these benefits. Herbal medicine is not understood by...

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Natural remedy depression and anxiety

This natural remedy to treat depression and anxiety  is packed with powerful natural ingredients. Natural remedies are fun to make...

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