This is the story of one of my Youtube subscribers, who shared with me their fathers experience of herbs and healing and gave me persmission to share his story with you.

“I asked my father if he would give permission for you to use his story as you asked. He said that was just fine.  He did say to tell you that how he started out learning what to do for yourself naturally was when he was diagnosed with the cancer, he came home got his Bible and every book he could find on  a based everything on what he could find in the Bible about health and then used any books he could find on herbal medicine.

He said to relay to you that he is proud to have somebody like you share his story.  He also said to tell you God bless you and your work

My father who will be 85 years young 21st of June has used herbs as our medicine in our family all my life.

When I was a young child he was diagnosed by two different hospitals in two different doctors with colon cancer.

Of course the doctors wanted to operate, begin radiation therapy and chemotherapy right away after the diagnosis.

Dad declined their offer of help came home and study everything he could find with the use of herbs and food, anything natural to work on his cancer.

He went back to the doctors 9 to 10 months later after the diagnosis and was checked again and they were shocked to find no evidence of cancer whatsoever.

Listening to your video today, about Hawthorne, I can attest to that too.

Two years ago dad’s heart started acting up became very slow, pulse was 39 and blood pressure was like 65/45 and he began fainting and was very very weak.  the doctors wanted to put in a pacemaker.

Again dad kindly refused, came home and looked up the herbs that he could find that were good for strengthening the heart, and of course Hawthorn was a major one suggested and all of his herbal books.

After two doses of the Hawthorne, his fainting stopped.  His pulse came up to 70, his blood pressure rose to 118/70.  I’ve never seen an herb work so quickly.

Nature may be slow in most times but it does a thorough and good job.  Thank you so much Dr. O’Brien for sharing the knowledge that you have.

I wish more people would grasp how wonderful natural things are for the body.

If only the doctors in the United States would follow your example and use their God-given intellect to educate themselves somewhat herbal medicine will do, what a different world this would be.

I do realise though that the pharmaceutical industry has made our medicine treatment what it is today.