The benefits of herbal medicine are well recognised. Many people don’t understand these benefits. Herbal medicine is not understood by the general population. Herbal medicine has been sidelined by history. As modern medicine gained strategic advance over other healing systems, herbal medicine went into decline. Today this trend is being reversed, as people choose local, organic, natural and herbal.

People are disillusioned by pharmaceutical medicine. Irish people are disillusioned by the health care system, that is unequal and unfair. If you have money you get treatment on time. If you are poor you have to wait. While you wait your health deteriorates.

Herbal medicine can work alongside modern medicine. Medicinal plants can be part of a treatment for depression and anxiety, cancer and lung disease. Herbs can help to speed up detox, healing and recovery. My vision is to see herbalists working within the health care system alongside doctors and nurses. Iatrogenic illness describes the process when medical treatments end up causing more harm that good. Ivan Illich wrote about this in his book Medical Nemesis.

This week I was listening to a radio interview about how medical professional are becoming sick and addicted as a result of their work. Medical professionals suffer higher rates of addiction and mental stress than the general population. This must have something to do with the health care system. If the system is making the medical professionals sick, the system its self must be part of the problem.

Herbal medicine is part of the environmental movement and understanding that we coexist with plants. Plants are natures medicines. We evolved alongside with plants and we should respect our environment and protect our food chain for harmful toxins.

People realise that green medicine or plant medicine is clean and good for the environment. The medieval herbalist Hildegard of Bingen described the powerful spiritual aspect of herbs and herbal medicine in her early work. Healing physically also requires a spirituality and understanding that we are all interconnected humans, plants and the stars!

Herbalism offers the unique opportunity of developing a relationship with your medicine. In herbal medicine the client is not a client, but a partner in the healing process. The healing happens because you become empowered with knowledge and skills to understand and protect your health.

Herbal medicine is undergoing an  herbal renaissance as we awaken to the healing power of the natural world. I hope you found this article informative and if you would like to learn more pop over to my YouTube channel for some great video content on herbal medicine.