Anger is a beautiful emotion! I was struck by how important this statement was when talking to someone recently, who read my piece on depression. We often hear emotions being described in positive and negative terms. Anger is seldom described in positive terms. Your not supposed to be angry or get angry. Why has anger become so closely associated with a negative state? Probably because people who suppress their emotions, including anger, ending up acting out, venting or leaking anger. If you see anger as bad, you will probably try to conceal it, hide it, bottle it, put a lid on it, store it deep in your psychic and instead of expressing anger, feel pressurised into being nice, while inside the anger refuses to sleep. Anger always finds a way out, one way or another. Anger unexpressed affects our emotional, psychological and physical health.

If you see anger as positive you will listen to what it is trying to teach us. Anger is like bell that rings, because something important has happened and we need to respond to it. A bear has robbed our food, yes I feel anger with the bear, but there is no point trying to take it out on the bear, as I will probably lose more that my food! Instead I could learn to protect my food the next time and even befriend the bear.

I learned a lot about anger from reading Gary Zukav, book The Heart of the Soul. Anger is energy that needs to be harnessed and channelled. Anger used well can become a great source of personal power. It is because anger is so powerful and transforming, that it can take time to master its power and potential. Anger burns and it can hurt but when used well it can make our world a more comfortable place to inhabit.