Ritalin is the most popular drug used to treat ADHD. However its associated with serious side effects, such as addiction, anxiety, heart disease and sudden death. Doctors often, play down the side effects of Ritalin. 51 children have died in the US as a result of taking drugs for ADHD since 1999. 

Matthew was 14 years only when he died. The chief pathologist of Oakland County said ‘Matthews heart showed clear signs of small vessel damage caused from the use of methylphenidate (Ritalin). Matthew didn’t have any pre existing heart conditions. Matthews story started in a small town in Berkley, Michigan. While he was in first grade Matthew was evaluated by the school, who believed he had ADHD. The school social worker kept calling his parents for meetings. At one of those meetings, the social worker told Matthews parents, if they refused to take Matthew to a doctor and get him on Ritalin, child protective services could charge them with neglecting his educational and emotional needs. They felt intimidated and scared. So they gave into the schools pressure  and Matthew was prescribed Ritalin. At no time were they informed about the dangers of Ritalin. They felt the parental rights had been violated. Matthew died on the 21st of March 2001 

Attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity is a very challenging thing to deal with for parents. I don’t believe its a brain disease. Like many medications Ritalin doesn’t address the underlying cause of hyperactivity. Some prefer to call this the toxic brain syndrome, arising out of the child’s nervous system being exposed to and allergenic foods. Many parents are now looking for a natural alternative to Ritalin. A holistic approach requires a biological, psychological, social and spiritual approach;

Biological: How the physical body functions (body).

Treatments: Diet, exercise, and herbs 

Psychological: Developmental issues and thought patterns (the mind).

Treatments: Learning about how to heal past hurts and thinking honestly and clearly.

Social: Social support and current life situation (connections).

Treatments: Managing stress and improving your relationships.

Spiritual: What life means (spirit).

Treatments: Getting in touch with a deep sense of meaning and purpose.