Every second day someone dies in Ireland, where their death has been linked to the drug they have been prescribed by an Irish doctor. Most of these drug related deaths are for drugs prescribed for serious kidney disorders (28 deaths linked to the drug epoetin beta) and for schizophrenia (18 deaths linked to the drug clozapine). There were 2,757 adverse drug reactions in Ireland in 2012. The figures also show that there were 328 adverse drug reactions linked to the childhood immunisations and the HPV vaccine last year.

Research published in the Lancet (2003), Lancet Oncology (2003) and the Journal of Clinical Oncology (2002) warned about the dangers of erythropoietins (e.g., epoetin beta) due to higher mortality rates among certain groups of patients.

The report from the Irish Medicines Board found that the majority of adverse reaction reports (69%) to the IMB come from drug manufacturers, with 18% coming from doctors, 8% from pharmacists, 2% from nurses and 2% from patients/consumers.

As one who does not trust the drug manufacturers I wonder if they are under reporting or who do they come up with this figure? Why are only 2% of reports coming from patients and consumers? Is it that they are dead before they get a chance to report the drug reaction? I imagine that these figures are only the tip of the ice berg!