What type of depression were you diagnosed with; mild, moderate or severe?

Anti depressants are not recommended for mild depression
There is evidence that SJW can be effective for mild and moderate depression

Do you know what was the cause of your depression?

Stressful life event, e.g., a loss
The result of an addiction
Post natal depression
Family history of depression
Social isolation

How long were you depressed before you were treated with anti-depressants?

The longer we neglect a health issue, the harder it can be to resolve it

Were you offered any other treatments other than medication?

Talking therapies
Holistic treatments
Nutritional advice
Lifestyle changes

What type of anti-depressants were you prescribed?

There are different types of anti depressants
you need to know the side effects of your anti depressant and what symptoms you might experience before deciding to come off them

How long have you been prescribed anti-depressants?

The longer you have been on your antidepressants means your body has adjusted chemically and now needs to readjust as it goes through the withdrawals

Did the antidepressants work?

Are you coming off the antidepressants because they worked
Or are you coming off the anti depressants because they didn’t work?

Did you try any other treatments for depression while on your anti-depressants?

Sometimes when people start taking anti depressants, they also do other things that can have a positive effect on your mood, e.g, exercise, nutrition or socializing

Are you still experiencing depression?

If you want to come off your anti – depressants because they didn’t work, you will need support

Why do you want to come off your anti-depressants now?

This is the most important question, because if your motivated that alone can be a key driver in over coming your depression

Have you spoken to your prescribing doctor?

I would advise anyone who is thinking of coming off their anti depressants to speak to their medical doctor and seek their support
Your doctor works for you, not the other way around
Take responsibility of your own health

Do you have a support plan to help manage the side effects and symptoms of coming off your anti depressants?

I would recommend a plan that combines a look at improving your nutrition, using supportive herbs for the nervous system, an exercise plan, self care rituals, like going to the Spa or having a massage and a social plan to meet new people and make new friends without it having to involve alcohol