Horsetail has been around for over three hundred million years. Ancient Greeks, Roman and Chinese herbalists have been using Horsetail for its health benefits for centuries.

Identifying horsetail 

There are several species of Horsetail, so consult with a herbalist or botanist before harvesting horsetail for personal use.

The Horsetail that we are interested in

E-qui-se-tum – arvense which is generally considered safe when used properly.

1. Source of minerals and nutrients

Horsetail is rich in the mineral silica, which is essential for connective tissue repair of ligaments, tendons, and bones.

Horsetail is also rich in iron, potassium, manganese, magnesium, chromium and vitamin A.

2. Kidney & Bladder Health 

Horsetail is a diuretic, meaning that it helps flush out excess water and waste from the system by promoting the flow of urine.

3. Respiratory Health 

It contains a high percentage of silicic acid, which has been shown in studies to help strengthen the lungs and increase resistance to disease.

Horsetail tea is proven herbal treatment for bronchitis, dry cough and nasal blockage

4. Strengthens Bones 

Horsetail is traditionally used to strengthen bones and teeth, and it is often found in formulae for osteoporosis and bone fractures. It helps the healing process after surgery.

5. Excessive Bleeding 

It is also know as a wound herb, releasing pus and damaged cells from infected wounds.

Studies suggest that Horsetail may help minimise or stop bleeding

Also the anti-inflammatory agents in Horsetail may relieve the inflammation and discomfort caused by inflamed wounds, injuries and menstrual cramps.

6. Gingivitis and Tonsillitis 

Gargling with a mouthwash made with Horsetail tea or its extract may help with the inflamed tonsils, mouth sores and bleeding gums.

7. Hair Growth 

Research shows that silica in Horsetail may help promote hair growth and strength and may also be beneficial for hair loss, dandruff, and split ends.

8. Skin Problems (Rashes, Burns, Acne, Wrinkles) 

Studies have shown that anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-oxidant agents in Horsetail may give it the ability to heal wounds, rashes, burns, skin lesions and acne.

Silica is known to help form collagen which is important for the development and the maintenance of healthy connective tissues throughout the body.

9. Brittle nails 

Horsetail contains minerals such as silica that can strengthen weak and brittle fingernails.

10. Foot Infections 

Horsetail is considered to have anti fungal properties can help in the treatment of foot problems such as Athlete’s foot.

Chinese herbalists have been using horsetail topically for generations in treating fungal infections of the foot.


If you are being treated for heart or kidney disorders consult with your doctor and herbalist before using horsetail.

Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should not take horsetail.